Committee Member Recruitment


Ruchazie HA, based in the North-East of Glasgow, needs up to six new committee members to take it forward into a new era.

 We’re nearing the end of a 2-year period of statutory intervention. We’re rejuvenated; we’ve learned a lot of lessons; we’ve put a much-improved governance framework in place; and now we’re ready for the future.

 Come and help us form the team that will ensure that we sustain these improvements, and drive forward our new vision and evolving strategic plans.

First we need to find good replacements for the skills and expertise of our three statutory appointees, who will soon be leaving. Their in-depth sector knowledge and clarity about what good governance looks like are high on our shopping list.

Second, we’ve just completed a strategic options review, and decided that remaining independent while exploring opportunities for collaboration represents the best way forward for the Association and its tenants. Experience of business planning and partnership working or collaboration with other organisations will be very helpful.

Third, we’re setting up a new Audit & Risk Committee, and need new members with financial management skills and an understanding of risk management.

 But mostly we need people who are keen to join us, feel they have something to contribute to the wellbeing of our tenants and the local community, share our sense of purpose, and possess an enquiring mind and a willingness to challenge.

Please contact Janice Shields, Interim Director, on 0141 774 4433 or for a recruitment pack, or for further information.