How to Pay Your Rent

Payment of rent 

Rent is payable in advance before the 28th day of each month. 

Rent Card Payments 

For tenants’ convenience the Association uses the allpay card system. This allows tenants to make payments at a number of locations, shops, post offices or anywhere that displays the Pay Zone/Pay Point signs, by telephone or even online. 

If you have lost your Allpay card please contact the office to order a replacement.

Online Payments 

If you wish to pay your rent online you should go to   All you need to make an online rent payment is your allpay rent payment card, a debit card and a computer!

Allpay have ensured that their website is secure and that the service is as easy to use as possible but if you run into difficulties, please visit for further information

Cheque & Standing Order Payments 

You can also make payment by cheque at the Association’s office or by standing order through your bank. Please contact Fiona at the office if you would like further information.