Ruchazie Housing Association - Who We Are

Ruchazie Housing Association was formed in 1993 and in 1995 acquired 300 unimproved local authority units. A comprehensive regeneration programme was completed in 2016 providing an outturn of 228 units, 24 Tenemental Rehab and 204 Newbuild. (3 Homes were sold under the Right to Buy,  we now own and manage 225 properties)

As a small housing association a “Risk Aware” approach to wider role is taken. The Association works actively with others in the neighbourhood to improve the quality of life and services.  Ruchazie Housing Association is run by a voluntary committee.  Currently we have  10 members on our Board who have been elected from our Membership and one co-optee member who is intertested in our work. 

The aim of the Association is to contribute to the regeneration of Ruchazie by providing good quality housing and also by being involved in other non-housing activities which will assist the community of Ruchazie to have a better standard of life.

The common belief expressed by local organisations and agencies in Ruchazie is that while there are many challenges for the area it is now regarded as a desirable place to live. It is now “Facing the Right Direction” It will be the Association’s role working with others to deliver a sustainable and attractive neighbourhood which is well managed for the benefit of local people and to underpin investment.

We hope that this website will provide you with an opportunity to find out more about the Association and your community and we would encourage you to provide us with feedback about the site and our services.

We are keen to have tenants involved in the running of the Association, so if you feel you would be interested in joining the committee or giving us your views on policy issues, please contact a member of staff who will be pleased to discuss this in more detail.

Ruchazie Housing Association Ltd is registered as a friendly society in Scotland no2420 r (s), Registered with Communities Scotland HAB277.