What if I have a problem paying my rent? 

Contact:   Stacy Shaw

Ruchazie Housing Association knows that some tenants may face money problems, which may affect their ability to pay rent regularly. If this happens you must get in touch with us immediately as experience has shown that the earlier these problems are dealt with the easier it is to resolve.

Our staff will do all that they can to assist any tenant who finds themself in this situation. We will talk to you and discuss your situation in confidence and help set up a payment plan in order to help you pay your rent. It is important to ask for help early in order not to let the arrears get out of hand.

Our staff can also give you information and advice on Housing Benefit & Universal Credit and put you in touch with other organisations who can give you advice about any debt that is worrying you, not just your rent. Please remember it is your responsibility to keep your rent account up to date.

Although we take a sympathetic view if people are experiencing difficulty in paying rent, we must still maximise the income we receive and as such we will take action against any tenant who does not pay their rent or maintain arrangements to repay rent arrears. Rent arrears may prevent a transfer or mutual exchange application.


You are responsible for ensuring that the rent is paid for your proeprty every month, even if you qualify for HB or Universal Credit.   We are very keen to see all those who might quality for benefit applying for it. In particular, if you are either in a lower paid job or in receipt of any form of benefit from the Department of Social Security, then you should make a claim.

If you work part-time or have a low paid job may be eleigble for assistance with your housing costs via Housing Benefit OR Universal Credit.     Housing Benefit (HB)(or rent rebate) is a government subsidy administered by the local authority (Glasgow City Council), which helps people who are on lower incomes to pay their rent. If you qualify for a rebate, you will pay a reduced rent (or perhaps no rent at all) every month.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you would qualify for assistance then you should apply, the worst they can say is no. If you apply for housing benefit or universal credit it is important that you submit a fully completed claim, with all information complete. If additional information is requested, you must ensure that this is provided straight away as failure can result in your claim being made ineligible.

If you do not receive Housing Costs Financial Assistance and feel that you may be entitled to this please contact the Association, where staff will be happy to advise you.


If tenants fail to pay their rent or make, and stick to, acceptable repayment arrangements, the Association will have to start court proceedings which could result in arrestment of earnings and eviction. Such action is always a last resort but it may be required if matters are not resolved early.