Ending your Tenancy

Termination Form

There maybe a change in your circumstances which leads to you having to seek alternative accommodation. Your present home may become unsuitable, as perhaps it is too big or small for your family or you need to live nearer relatives to give or receive support.

Before moving out of your home you should:

  • Give 28 days notice, in writing, of your intention to end your tenancy
  • Arrange for your home to be inspected by the maintenance and housing management staff to ensure it is in a satisfactory condition
  • Arrange for the gas and electricity meters to be read
  • If you are on benefit, you should inform the relevant departments of your change of address
  • Inform the Council Tax office of your date of leaving and your new address
  • Empty your home of all belonging and furnishings. If you wish to dispose of larger items please phone the Cleansing Department to arrange an uplift. This service is free
  • Have a plumber disconnect your washing machine and cap off all pipes
  • Pay any rent due to the end of the tenancy

Please leave your home as you would wish to find it and hand in all sets of keys on or before the date of the end of your tenancy. A charge will be made for any costs the Association may incur in bringing your property up to a satisfactory condition.
Where the end of tenancy is as a result of the death of a tenant, please contact the office to discuss termination details and timescales for returning keys.