Why you must pay your rent

It is vital that you pay the rent that you are due, not only because it is a requirement of your tenancy agreement, but also because it allows the Association to deliver good quality housing and services, such as investment in our properties and repairs.

It is a legal requirement of your Tenancy Agreement that rent must be paid in advance on or before the 28th of each month. Your rent is due monthly in advance on or before the 28th day of each month. But you can make as many payments as you wish ie. weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

If tenants fail to pay their rent or make, and stick to, acceptable repayment arrangements, the Association will have to start court proceedings which could result in arrestment of earnings and eviction. Such action is always a last resort but it may be required if matters are not resolved early. 

How is my rent decided?

All rents are reviewed once per year. The rent for each property is determined by the amenities of that property, for example, how many bedrooms it has, if it has a dining room, if it has its own front and back door etc.

The rents charged must cover the Association’s management and maintenance costs. They must not be too expensive for tenants to afford, particularly to people who are in low paid work; and the rents must be broadly similar with other landlords in the area.

We also have to put aside some of your rent each year towards future major repairs, for example, kitchen renewals, new windows etc.. The Association starts reviewing all rents in September of each year, with consultation issued to all tenants.

The management Committee then usually make a decision about the rent increase in December or January and tenants are notified in February of any new rent charge which will be applied from 28 March of each year.